Saturday, 8 March 2014

Purple blush!

Purple blush isn't exactly common - especially if you're trying to find it in mainstream cosmetics - Illamasqua, MAC are the only brands that make almost purple blushes, but even those are really just variations of magenta, fuchsia and plum: cool toned pinks and berry reds.

There are also brands like Shu Umera and YSL that have recently come out with blushes that resembles the colour purple in the pan but when swatched sheer out to yet another boring cool pink.

Raspberry, plum, magenta, fuchsia, burgundy... NONE OF THESE COLOURS ARE PURPLE
[photo credit linked at the bottom of this post]

I mean, technically MUFE makes a purple eyeshadow that they advertise can also be used as a blush, and Illamasqua makes purple cream pigments that can again also be used a blush... but come on now, is it really hard to just produce a classic blush formula in the colour purple?!

This is the reason that I'm now a die-hard indie cosmetics fan:

Awww yissss

Reading left to right the blushes are as follows:

  • My Pretty Zombie - Drugs Like Me Blush: 6-MAM
  • My Pretty Zombie - Drugs Like Me Blush: THC
  • My Pretty Zombie - Drugs Like Me Blush: LSD
  • Little Sparrow Cosmetics - Bluebell
  • Little Sparrow Cosmetics - Lavender
  • Little Sparrow Cosmetics - Lilac
  • Fyrinnae - Seduce
  • Fyrinnae - Temptation

These blushes may look similar in tone and colour but their nature and finish varies strongly between brands:

My Pretty Zombie's blushes are duochromes, they have a matte base that provides their primary colour and a very fine sparkle colour shift which makes them truly unique and utterly gorgeous.

Little Sparrow Cosmetic's blushes are near matte, incredibly soft and finely milled - essentially a pure colour staple.

Fyrinnae's blushes are on the metallic side of satin - they have a strong light reflecting sheen like a highlighter would - they reflect back the same colour light as the base.

MPZ sample baggies, LSC full sized pots, Fyrinnae minis - one depotted

I originally wrote this as one huge long review of all the above blushes and their respective indie companies, but for the sake of neatness and organisation I've split the reviews into their respective brands:

Click here for My Pretty Zombie Drugs Like Me blush collection review

Click here for Little Sparrow Cosmetics blush review

Click here for Fyrinnae blush review

[Sorry to be a tease, obviously none of those links work now but I'll update them asap when I've published the respective separate complete reviews]

All I can see is joy and excitement in her eyes about being turned such a delicious shade of violet

Saskia X

Photo credit for the 'not purple' collage:

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  1. Yes, you're speaking my language! I recently developed a hankering for purple blush...seriously, I actually woke up one day and thought, "I want purple blush" I a makeup junkie or what. I do own the MUFE "blush" but it isn't really as purple as I'd like, so I'm excited for these reviews.