Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Sugarpill Burning Heart palette review and faces

I've fallen in love...

Behold the Burning Heart palette by Sugarpill:

Honestly I'm not the biggest fan of the packaging, but the cardboard feels sturdy and classy

I impulse bought the Sugarpill Burning Heart palette at 3am - this was something I'd been um-ing and ah-ing for months after seeing gorgeous sunset eyeshadow looks around the internet, but for various reasons (see below) always talked myself out of buying. I'm so glad my sleep deprived self decided to take the plunge!

So what's so special about this palette?

Well for one it's gorgeous:

Orange: Flamepoint, Yellow: Buttercupcake, Red: Love+, Purple: Poison Plum

The second is the simple quality of the product - these eyeshadows are fantastic! They're incredibly pigmented and soft; bold true to pan colours that are very easy to work with (they blend great).

Left: one pat of colour with my finer, Right: two pats. No primer!
Flamepoint and Poison Plum are just a tad softer than Buttercupcake and Love+

And the trifecta? These shadows stay put - check out how immaculate this complex look is after a 30°C 80% humidity 12 hour day:

You can see some minor fading in the bottom outer corners where I rub my eyes when they get itchy
My foundation obviously did not hold up nearly as well

 And then after a shower where I literally stood with my face directly under the stream for a couple of minutes:

My sexy 'not bad' face plus shower cap - restrain yourselves men.
My mascara didn't hold up, but then again it wasn't advertised as waterproof.
Seriously - look at that! The colours are still freaking perfect in everyway!

And here for comparison is what it looked like 12 hours previously when I'd applied it in the morning:

Look how smug my face is about these insane shadows

Another look using only Poison Plum and Love+ (plus Urban Decay's Blackout):

Overall, this palette is the shining glory of my collection - I genuinely can't think of a single way it could possibly improve as even the price is great ($34 for 3.5g).

A final word on quality: as Sugarpill is a small online only indie company I had to set a lot of store in reviews, swatches and FOTDs (face of the day) - and while researching one thing gave me huge pause...

I'd read multiple times that Sugarpill had some inconsistent quality issues, i.e. some shadows worked great and were buttery soft while others (and these duds were seemingly random and different in each case) were chalky and difficult to work with. I emailed Sugarpill about this concern and they got back to me within a week explaining that those problems probably occurred while they were moving their lab and if I found a problem with my shadows they'd exchange them free of cost (not charging my triple shipping) which I thought was very generous.

Their "happiness guaranteed policy" sure paid off because I will definitely be purchasing again from them! And if you chose to purchase from them, and feel like doing me a favour, you can go through my affiliate link here which just means if you do buy anything through that link to their regular official website I'll get credit :)

Saskia X