Saturday, 7 September 2013

Makeup removal love affairs and FRUXURY

So I spend a lot of time talking about makeup application so I think it's only fair to take a brief interval to talk about its removal.

As far as I'm concerned a good makeup remover should be mild enough that I can get it literally in my eye with only very, very minimal stinging if at all, yet with enough punch to obliterate waterproof mascara and liner in one or two wipes without tugging at or removing any of my lashes.

My first initial favourite was Johnson's makeup remover wipes (which I've been using since pubescence), I've used all the different skin types at some point (normal, sensitive, combination, dry, oily) and apart from smell I don't notice a difference - they all work really well. I haven't ever found another wipe or highstreet/drugstore makeup removal product that is as gentle and effective, and I've tried most of the major brands.

Stock photo a la Google
Inexpensive up front cost (£3 for 25 wipes) and there are often 3-for-2 etc deals in store
Easily portable

Packaging allows wipes to dry out after a few weeks
Wipes are too big - it's uneconomical

They way I use these bad boys is I cut open the original packaging and cut the wipes into half then transfer them into an airtight tupperware. Boom, just solved my two cons in under 5 minutes!

Tupperware, the most glamorous of cosmetic accessories 

My second and all time love affair is the combination of Bioderma's Sensibo H2O and Shesheido's cotton pads. Holy crap the luxury! The combination is indescribably soft and gentle, yet incredibly effective. I actually not only enjoy taking off my makeup but even look forward to it - it's like I'm smothering my face in (super hygienic) fairy puppy kisses, or having a fancy facial - whatever imagery is more appealing to you. I'm going to stop talking about how amazing it feels because my obvious crush on these products is frankly rather embarrassing.

Another great thing about Sensibo is the skin benefits - not only will it not break you out or irritate anything, I swear it actually makes my skin nicer - softer and so fresh, never sticky or tight.


High upfront cost
Not easily portable

Muji and Boots 50ml bottles

But hold on to those cons - I'm about to blow your mind! Buy a 50/100ml screw top bottle from Boots/Muji (I can vouch for their quality) and decant the Sensibo! What?! So the only con left is the price? Let's get our maths knickers on then:

  • Johnson wipes are £3 for 25 wipes, coming to 12p per wipe/use (or 6p if you're super frugal like me)
  • Sheshido cotton is £4 (I bought mine in Asia - international prices may vary) for 165 pads, coming to 2.4p per wipe! Suck it Johnson!
  • Bioderma Sensibo is £16 for a huge 500ml bottle (again, purchased in Asia) - this takes me over a year to finish but let's assume a conservative 365 days, coming to 4.4p per use! Suck it again Johnson!

Therefore if you use a full facial wipe every time you take off your makeup (12p per use) you're actually being wildly extravagant compared to using the top of the range ultimate luxury Bioderma and Sheshido products (6.6p per use) which is almost half the price (45% cheaper) per use! And even if you're super frugal with your wipes like me it's still  26.7% (1.6p) more expensive per use!

I am such a huge advocate of quality and investing in good products, so it makes me feel so happy and smug to be numerically vindicated like this. It is both frugal and luxurious - from now on to be know as FRUXURIOUS!

Hang tight for more fruxury,

Saskia X


  1. Hahahah I love the term fruxurious! XD
    Great post!!! :D I used to find removing makeup such a hassle, but I started using Kracie Natural Deep Cleansing Oil, and omg does it ever work well!! I can get it in my eyes and it doesn't sting, it is very inexpensive, and it doesn't break me out, which is amazing. I love finding HG products like that XD

    1. I like using oils (rosehip, argan, baby)to remove really stubborn makeup too but hate it when it gets in my eye and makes everything blurry for ages afterwards