Thursday, 30 January 2014

Lipstick Swatches

Quick post with swatches of all of my lipsticks (disincluding my many OCC Lip Tars and a few I've relegated since upgrading them):

Neat swatching is not something I have time for

So, from left to right in a poor attempt at reading darkest to lightest:

  • Illamasqua Pristine - supposed to be matte, is actually satin - C
  • MAC Instigator (LE) - matte - A
  • NARS Train Bleu (Discontinued?) - so matte it makes the sahara look damp - C
  • MAC Instigator (LE) - matte - A
  • MAC Dark Side - satin/'amplified' - A
  • Rimmel Kate Moss Matte 107 - matte - B
  • MAC Studded Kiss (LE) - matte - A
  • Armani Rouge D'Armani 406 - cream-matte A++
  • MAC Flat Out Fabulous - 'retro' matte A
  • Soap & Glory Pom Pom - matte - A
  • Soap & Glory Pink Blush - matte - A
  • Soap & Glory - matte - Supernude - A

My grading is based on the formula alone - pigment density and evenness, comfort, longevity, feathering, smudging:
  • A = excellent in all areas
  • B = good in most areas
  • C = workable but not ideal
  • D = barely functional
  • F = garbage

Pristine, Punk Couture, Train Bleu, Instigator, Dark Side, 107, Studded Kiss, 406

It's pretty obvious my preferences lie with vampy mattes and this reason is two fold: purple is my favourite colour and I'm lazy. Essentially if I'm going to wear lipstick I want it to damn well look like I'm wearing lipstick otherwise I just don't see the point, and if I'm going to bother to apply a lipstick it better damn well not need reapplication for at least 6 hours unless I decide to attack a big greasy hamburger.

My all-time favourites are MAC Instigator and Rouge D'Armani 406, Instigator is a great formula but it's the truly unique colour that I'm in love with and 406 has a absolutely magical formula and is my perfect classic red.

107, Studded Kiss, 406, Flat Out Fabulous, Pom Pom, Blush Pink, Supernude

 Flat Out Fabulous isn't as purple as I'd hoped it to be but is still a lovely bright spring/summer shade, and the S&G shades are my nod to natural lips - Pom Pom is a very wearable bold pink, Blush Pink is a muted plum 'My Lips But Better' and Supernude is just there on the off chance I ever want to wear a nude lip (although I'm a little put off by how warm it looks here since I really dislike anything orange).

Currently on my wish-list are:

  • MAC Heroine (violet) - matte; pretty obvious why I want this
  • MAC Up The Amp (muted medium toned lavender pink) - satin/'amplified'; a toned down everyday purple
  • MAC Relentlessly Red (bright pinkish red with coral undertones) - 'retro' matte; about as far towards coral/orange as I'll go, I think this will look great with a tan over the summer
  • Illamasqua Posture (greyed lavender) - matte; to be honest this will probably make me look a bit washed out and ill but... I want it
  • Illamasqua Apocalips (dark teal green) - matte; green is my second favourite colour and I want to wear it on my face. That's all there is to it.
  • Revlon Matte Balm Shameless (red based purple) - matte; obvious choice
  • Maybelline Colour Elixir Lip Gloss Vision in Violet (violet) - gloss; because if anything is going to get me into lip-glosses/allow me to tolerate their stickiness it's going to be something bright purple, plus it's cheap.
  • MAC Sin (burgundy) - matte; I probably don't need this as I have Studded Kiss

And a bonus of this week's manicure which is appropriately purple - Barry M nail polish in Cosmo Berry and a random Topshop glitter one.

Sas X

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