Saturday, 18 January 2014

Back with a Gothic Vengeance

One of my MANY New Years resolutions is to get this blog going again!
Side-note: can I even say 'again' when I only had half a dozen posts to start with?

Anyway, to kick off here are some snaps of looks I've done over the Christmas holidays for various social events (or y'know just baking in my pyjamas).

I got some new vampy lipsticks (MAC Punk Couture collection and NARS Train Bleu) for various birth anniversaries (my own and Jesus') so decided to be all high fashion and wear dark lips with absolutely no eye makeup! Or rather, I was too lazy to do eye makeup, whichever.

Dark lips (MAC Studded Kiss and Currant lipliner), bold brows and contour

My mother then promptly dubbed this my 'gothic phase' - well if you insist...

I was going for 'Feminine Gothic' rather than 'I'm angry at the world Gothic'
NARS Train Bleu lipstick, MAC Currant lipliner, Stila MMFFE in Vintage Black Gold

Plus a snap I made for an Instagram 'Contouring 101' (yeah I have Instagram now #socialmedia #IhavenoideawhatI'mdoing #EmilyJones) add me/follow me/subscribe(?)... aiksasarual

MAC Instigator lipstick, MAC Currant lipliner, Illamasqua Hollow contour and Delirium blush

And for anyone who's interested in photography here's my setup:

Canon 60D body and 18-135 lens with the 430EXII Speedlite flash gun and Lumiquest 80/20 flash diffuser on the Induro Carbon 8X CT214 tripod and BHD1 ball head. Everything was shot on fully automatic (I'm lazy with selfies).

Also shout out to anyone who's here from reddit - you guys are awesome!

Saskia X


  1. That shout out is for me, eh? :P Came to follow once I saw you on reddit- I had a feeling you'd get back into blogging! Glad I was right!